3 year warranty with optional extended warranty
60 Day Money Back Pain- Free Guarantee


Identical to the consumer unit, but offers the following professional protection and components.


3-Year Express Warranty Service. 
Every day a professional customer is without a device, they can lose patient revenue. If it is determined the device needs to be repaired, AVACEN will replace the device with Express shipping as soon as we are notified a problem exists. When the customer receives the replacement device they will send the non-performing device back for analysis.


A spare Vacuum Chamber Insert (VCI) is shipped with every order.  Should a patient cause a tear in the cuff then the customer can immediately replace the bad cuff and then send it back to AVACEN for repair and replacement.  The Express Warranty provides up to 6 VCI's during the 3-year warranty period.



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E-mail:  info@pmt120pemf.com

* This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

* Medical e-mail support is limited to using the PEMF device correctly.

* Monthly payment based on qualified, approved credit.

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