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CVAC SYSTEM - Change your enviornment. Change your life. 

Good physical conditioning is a primary component of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and it is well understood that certain adaptations stimulated by aerobic activity have a dramatic effect on all of the body’s energy systems. By engaging in activities that provide these adaptations, a person can strive to live at their highest potential.


As an example, in a person with a low level of fitness these adaptations can stimulate regulation of the body’s energy systems, promote proper organ function, and support an efficient metabolism. In a conditioned person, these same adaptations will optimize the body’s systems that are not out of balance.

The CVAC (Cyclic Variations in Adaptive ConditioningTM) Process provides the benefits of traditional aerobic and anaerobic exercise without the joint stress and physical exertion that can be associated with these activities. The CVAC Process does this by challenging the body with the increased effort required to adapt to dynamically varied, patterned changes in air pressure.

One university-based study of the CVAC Process performed with athletes showed great improvement in the athletes’ utilization of oxygen. A placebo- controlled university-based study with sedentary men using the CVAC Process for 10 weeks resulted in improved blood glucose levels similar to the results of a traditional exercise program. Their counterparts, who received a placebo, did not achieve similar improvements2.

What happens in a CVAC Session?

Air is steadily drawn out of the CVAC Pod to create a low-pressure environment. Fresh, filtered air is then dynamically returned providing changes in pressure and varying the density of the air. The body’s energy systems get a workout while the lymphatic system receives a ‘touchless massage,’ that facilitates the removal of waste products.

How safe is the CVAC Process?

People at all levels of fitness have taken CVAC Sessions totaling thousands of hours. Ear-clearing techniques are learned prior to CVAC Sessions to reduce the chances of any ear discomfort.

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